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for Private Events, Parties, Activations, Pop-up, we come to you anywhere in the world


Next Pop-Up on September 12 5:00-8:00pm (3hrs)
 @ModrnSanctuary (Insta)
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What is Aura?


Aura has many names in the world. It is called - an energy field, or a human atmosphere, electromagnetic cloud surrounding our physical body. 

Our portraits amuse and expose our consciousness to very real existence of the ethereal energy that all our universe is actually made from.

The density and dynamics of your vibrant colors of the auric field makes you aware of how much specific type of energy is available to you in your energy reserve.

What is Aura Photography 

Aura Photography is a unique energy reading and photography experience.

It allows you to see the tiny electromagnetic frequencies that our body is producing and radiating into the space. It is captured and recorded  in a form of colors revealed on the Polaroid picture.

Our special equipment is the Original Aura Camera 6000.
It is Not a Digital Fake Entertainment Equipment with a Laptop Attached.

Only 100 Cameras have been created and only about 20 still operate around the globe what makes this kind of Experience Very Unique.

How does it Work?

Aura Camera takes a picture of a person and at the same time 2 Hand Sensors capture the electromagnetic frequency that your body is radiating from your fingers into the space. 

Aura Camera collects all the data and converts it into a color within 5-10 seconds. Colors hold an answer about what kind of energy you radiate and what kind of experience you able to attract in your life since you are one big magnet.

It usually takes 2-4 weeks to fully change your electromagnetic charge in your bio-field (aura).

If we break down the process:

1 min to take a Picture
2 min waiting for the colors
to be developed inside the Polaroid Print

2-3 min Reveal & our Aura Reading Expert
(Aura Reader) will go over the results

Planning your event?


We can bring Aura Photography activation to your event.
It will be very unique and awesome activity that will create a very mystic ambiance but at the same time unforgettable and very engaging experience for everyone to enjoy.

We can fully customize the Experience and Marketing Materials for your event.

Just share with us what you envision and we will try to make it real!

Lets work together

We do events locally and internationally for more than 7 years in
NYC, Miami, Los-Angeles, San-Francisco, Toronto Canada, Tulum Mexico,
London, Dubai, Hong-Kong, Moscow and more..

Our Aura Photography Experience is an awesome fit for
Private event, VIP Event, Birthday Party, Magazines Interviews, TV Show,
Group Dynamics, Bazaars, Unique Locations, Marketing Agency,
Food Markets, Corporate Party, Brand Activation,
Wedding, Expos, Event Planners, Production Companies, Festivals,
Blogger Event, Influencer Event, Hotels, Fairs,
Fashion Week, Museums, Art Exhibitions, Product Launch,
Brand Promotion, and more.

There is no Big or Small event. Your event is special for you.
We will do our best to make it happen.


Custom Event Activation:

1 hotel custom booth.JPG

Our recent clients:

popsugar aura photograpy event.png

2 Days Wellness Marathon
Playground with PopSugar

comet tv.png

Celebrating new TV Show Launch on CometTV


Portfolio Setup by 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge for Luxury Event Planners

vince camuto.png

New Perfume Launch illuminare by @golden_barbie with Vince Camuto

fidelity (2).png

Party for top 1% percent
of Fidelity Investments

living proof.png

New Product Activation at
Create & Cultivate 2 days event


Facial Care & Face Yoga Event
in New York at Naked Nolita

otterbox iphone case company aura photog

2 days Activation with Otterbox (phone cases)

Aura Photography for pookiebierd, Ariana & The Rose, RKCB

Light & Space Party at 3 Dollar Bill with Ariana & the Rose

hudco - coworking space.png

Grand Opening Party at HudCo
co-working space

Aura Photography at URUOI Event in NYC NOLITA

Product launch,
Japanese skincare line Uruoi

And More...

Let's connect!

For your inspiration:


Our Office space is still in construction mode.

Get notified to come to our next pop-up location
if you want us to come to your city
 than get on our news list for your area.


Hire us for your unique upcoming event.

Share with us what you have in mind. Please fill out the quote form below.

Event rates start

from $450 per hour
We can generate
15-25 sessions per hour

*it all depends on level of customization


We love collaborating.
We come to your space.

You sell tickets and advertise.

We share profits from ticket sales.

Resources & FAQ 

What does my #AuraColor mean? 
Explore the meaning behind colors of your aura

Strength, Will Power, New Beginnings, Leadership, Action, Practicality, Passion

Creative, Independent, Collaborative, Excellent People Skills, Loves Challenges.

Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Open-Minded, Loves Variety, Generous, Playful

Growth, Goal-Oriented, Determined, Focused, Ambitious, Competitive, Perfectionist.

Trust, Devotion, Loyalty, Nurturing, Personal Relationships, Supportive, Sensitive.

Solid Nature, High Awareness, Strong Boundary, Role Model, Inner Purity, Justice, Fair.

Visionary, Unconventional, Non-Judgmental, Playful, Loves to be Inspired & Delight Others.

Thinker, Dreamer, Clairvoyant, Psychic, EmpathySavior, Limited, Inspirational, Emotional.

Higher Consciousness, High Vibration, Destiny, Intense Energy, Cosmic Wisdom.

Love, Support, Gratitude, Abundant Heart, Sweet Heart, Easy, Relaxed.

Pure Relationships, Supported, Inner Love, Dynamic, Explorer, Adventurous.


How to #ReadAuraPhoto
Become an #AuraReader in 5 minutes ;)

1. The Edge of the Outer Layer of your #Aura.
This is your #EnergyPassport - this what people around you get to experience first when they meet with you. Similar to when we look at a fruit's outer layer which is the peel/skin, an orange or apple for example, and by its color we define how ready it is to be picked or eaten.

2. Translate the Meaning of color above your Head
This energy is all about what you are experiencing in the currently.

3. Look at Right Side of the Picture
This energy is on your left shoulder is pushing you into the future

4. Look at the Left Side of the Picture
This energy is on your right shoulder is the energy you are going to face

5. Heart, Chest and Throat Area of a Person

This is the energy you hold and feeling right now affecting your self value.


Popular Questions
Answers to most popular questions


My #Aura is black! Should I even bother to try #AuraPhotography?

There is no such thing as Bad or Black Aura. The concept of something dark, shady or mean simply means that a person had an unpleasant experience somewhere recently and it can not be captured by Aura Photo cameras, so that experience will stay only in your memories and fantasies. Aura Photography experience is not a Mind Reader, and it is not designed to be such a device :) so no-one will get to know your "dirty" secrets and about your "skeletons in your closet". It is only our personal attitude to situation that can define something as being negative or positive. For some people to eat meat is good, but for some people to eat meat is not good. But meat is still meat - so only our attitude has changed to the object that exist. A certain state of attitude can vary in colors, but they will always show up as beautiful Red, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue and so on.
So your AURA is ALWAYS Beautiful and Colorful and never Dark or Black.

How long does it take for my #AuraColors to change?
2-4 Weeks. Auric field is built from electromagnetic particles that are making up the structure of the bio-chemical components in our cells, blood and organs - and it is all produced by our hormonal system and the micro-flora in our gut. It takes a while for full biochemical state to be changed.

Can Alcohol or any Drugs affect my #AuraPicture?

It will affect it but only the Mood Element, all other 5 aspects will stay untouched and it will not affect the reading and building of the anticipation of what event you as a magnet can attract.

Is #AuraPhotography safe (is it same as MRI or Body Scanner)?
Aura Photography Experience is non-invasive non-intrusive process. It works similar to a fitness tracker, actually fitness tracker has been inspired by Aura Photography System. Hand sensors are collecting the vibrations of your body that your body is producing into the space. So it is totally safe, including pregnant, empaths, new born babies and etc.


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