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Aura Photography Pop-Up

Book your 1:1 Aura Photo and Energy Reading Session


Location: UPPER BUENA VISTA - Next to modernOM, Palapa Miami,  & Devia Juice

Opening hours: 12:00-8:00pm daily (some closures due to events)

Fine print: 
​1. Buy a ticket
DM us on Insta or email with your preferred day 
3. Wait for confirmation

1. Compre el boleto en línea (el botón está en la parte superior de esta página)
2. ENTONCES Contáctanos para enviar el horario que deseas reservar
3. Espere la confirmación oficial

The energy exchange is $60 per aura session/photo experience.

This can be for one or two people together in one aura picture (for example, your partner or child with you). You can also use your ticket for one pet aura photo!

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Q: How does the camera take a picture of my aura?

A: There is a hand sensor that you put your hands on which is connected to the aura camera. Your aura is the same as our electromagnetic field and the sensors are able to pick up on the frequency your body radiates. This information is communicated from the hand sensors to the camera and your unique aura is then imprinted onto your portrait.


Q: Is aura photography safe?

A: Yes! Aura photography is safe for anyone including children and pregnant woman.The camera and sensors do not emit anything, they only collect your aura frequency.


Q:What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

A: We will do our best to accommodate the need to reschedule but we can only allow for maximum 3 times rescheduling. After that you forfeit your session and we don’t offer any refunds (This can be reworded once I know the correct policy)


Q: Do you have pop-ups anywhere else outside of Miami?

A: We have had our pop-up in Tulum but currently our only semi-permanent location for 1:1 sessions is at our Upper Buena Vista location in Miami. However, if you can get a group together we love to travel for events! Find out more about our event partnerships here and we can come to you!

By making this payment you agree to our Terms & Conditions:

100% refunds can only be made if requested 24 hours before your booked session.

All sales are final.

Rain or Shine we will be there ready in Popup booth waiting for you.

No refunds for no shows or if less than 24 hours notice is given for cancellation.

Aura Experience Sessions are 10 minutes per picture.

Purchased online tickets - give you VIP priority above any walk-ins on the day.

Let's get in touch:


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