Adirondack Mountains

October 16th, 17th, 18th
"New Peaks in Fall"

3 days personal transformation program
in Lake Placid Region upstate NY

Only 10 out of 12 spots left
Hiking Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium

Mountaineous Landscape

Why Adirondack?

Just a few hours north of New York City, the Adirondack Mountains offer an outdoor paradise. These mountains lie within the Adirondack Park and contain millions of acres of protected land. Pristine Adirondacks' mountains and rivers have inspired generations to hike, paddle and play in nature.

Representing the largest protected park area in US, the Adirondack Mountains boast more than 2,000 miles of hiking trails, over 3,000 lakes and ponds, and 1,200 miles of rivers.The Adirondack Mountains are more than 5,000,000 years old and are a monument of the last ice age. 




All Travel & Transfer
Our group will travel in a very comfortable 15 seats mini bus with tall ceiling so that you could stand up and stretch along the journey. We recommend to take a ride with us so that you do not need to drive 5-7 hours each way and than after long hikes drive in the area of mountains alone in your car.

Hotel & Lodging
Everyone will 
check-in at stay together at a pre-booked brand new 3* hotel in Lake Placid, and share room with 2 queen beds with a friend. Hotel has swimming pool, jacuzzi and gym. Hotel will provide breakfast, but we prefer to go to local organic farm-to-table cafes.
*If you want to book your own room and your own hotel, price for your tour package will not change, and you will need to arrange your own taxi, uber, transport to meet at our hotel.

room view

Energy Vortex Pagoda
We will visit a huge Peace Pagoda built by Buddhist monks in the wild forest hidden away from the cities. The sacred geometry of the building positively affects on the local energy field. You will feel relaxed, refreshed, and happy, and it is believed that Pagoda is the Ear of the Universe, where everything you ask or dream will happen.

* We do not follow or promote any religious beliefs or political views. Visiting this sight is only for the energy and nature vibe experience as well as historical information only.


Kayak or Boat ride
On Saturday night, after delicious dinner and an all-day hike, we will arrange a group boat or kayak ride for everyone on a still Mirror Lake in Lake Placid. It is very relaxing experience for 60 minutes. Everyone will be required to wear a life vest. See picture of this boat riding experience and lake itself on the right ->

*if you are afraid of water, or do not know how to swim, you will have free time on the shore for about 60 unites to relax in a local park or do gifts shopping in local souvenir shops.

boat ride

Photo package
One of our team member is an experienced photographer who will use a very high quality equipment to capture your special moments of 3 day travel and hike. At the end of your trip you will get link to a folder with fully edited and best pictures stored in a cloud storage folder so that you could access it online from your smartphone or pc or mac. 


Water Canyon
A real canyon with lots of waterfalls and picturesque canyon river, that is called chasm or a break in the ground surface.
We will have a pleasant morning walking tour and have lots of great views of a unique natural sight. Take great shots and have a very meditative mood along the stroll.


Cascade of Giants
After a 2,5-3 hours hike upwards you will reach the top of the one of the most beautiful mountain range views that allows you to experience 360* view of more than 30 mountain peaks around you.


3 days of Personal Transformation
You will learn, practice and participate in self improvement exercises aimed to stimulate your intuition in order to help you make important decisions in life more effectively. You will restore from the every day hustle, & detox on emotional, mental & physical level. We will play different self development group games and have lots of fun.


Our 3-Days Itinerary & Schedule:

DAY 1 - Friday, October 16

09:00am Load & Leave from NYC in our Bus
11:45am Stop for Brunch or buy some food "to-go" near Albany
12:30pm Visit Peace Pagoda & experience power of sacred geometry
02:00pm Depart and continue our trip to Adirondack Mountains Hotel
05:00pm Arriving to Lake Placid and check-in to Hotel
06:30pm We go for Friday Night Dinner
09:00pm Back to hotel and get ready for early morning wakeup

DAY 2 - Saturday, October 17

06:00am Wakeup & get dressed for an all day hiking tour of Two locations.
07:00am Depart to a farm-to-table cafe next to the river with outdoor sitting.
09:00am Arriving to a White Mountain top
11:30pm Depart to Adirondack Cascade Mountain hike.
03:00pm Arriving ton the mountain top with a 360* view, having Lunch
06:00pm Depart back to hotel, before dinner & a boat ride.
07:00pm We will ride on boats and kayaks for 60 minutes before the dinner

08:00pm Dinner at a local lounge restaurant, to celebrate our adventure.
09:30pm Back to Hotel for nice deep sleep, next day we sleep in bit more.

DAY 3 - Sunday, October 18

07:00am Wakeup & pack our belongings for check out.
08:00am Depart for breakfast to a homestyle authentic farm-to-table cafe.
09:30am Depart to Canyon River with Waterfalls for a walking hike
10:30am Arriving to the Waterfalls area & tour along the Canyon River.
01:00pm We depart to have some Lunch in Lake Placid before our ride home
02:30pm We leave Lake Placid and head back home.
05:00pm We will stop near Albany to stretch & have some snacks, coffee.
08:00pm We are back to NYC & will drop off everyone along the route.




Option A

I want to travel with a group
from NYC in a bus with everyone

This Package includes:

roundtrip from NYC & in Adirondack for all 3 days
shared room, 2 queen beds, 2 ppl per room
Entrance Fees
some trails & sights will charge fees to enter
Boat Ride Experience
we will arrange a relaxing 60 min boat ride 
3 days Self Improvement program
mind games, intuition exercises, team work

*Your Food is Not Included
Pay for food as you go at your expense.
Hotel stay includes breakfast at the hotel,
but we prefer to breakfast
at organic farm to table local cafes.

price: $800
Late Bird, after Aug 25

Your price: $650 
($150 OFF)
Early bird until Sep 25

Only 10 out of 12 spots left

Your price: $650 
($150 OFF)
Early bird until Sep 25

Only 10 out of 12 spots left

price: $800
Late Bird, after Sep 25

Option B

I will travel myself and
meet everyone in Lake Placid

This Package includes:

all transfers in Adirondack for all 3 days
shared room, 2 queen beds, 2 ppl per room
Entrance Fees
some trails & sights will charge fees to enter
Boat Ride Experience
we will arrange a relaxing 60 min boat ride 
3 days Self Improvement program
mind games, intuition exercises, team work

*Your Food is Not Included
Pay for food as you go at your expense.
Hotel stay includes breakfast at the hotel,
but we prefer to breakfast
at organic farm to table local cafes.

peak point-min.JPG

in nature of New York State


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More Details:

Get dressed in layers accordingly to the weather forecast in Lake Placid.
To do an all-day hike you will nee to wear hiking shoes with a good grip ONLY, Not Sneakers.
Sneakers you will be able to wear in all other places. Mountain trail is very rough for sneakers.

What to bring?
Pack your suitcase or travel bag.
Sunscreen Spray or Cream + Rain Poncho+ Umbrellas
Backpack (to pack extra clothing layers, to carry food on hike and water)
Your own food for the road, that will take 5-7 hours
We will be buying food for hikes at local organic grocery stores, cafes and restaurants

3-5 small Poland Spring Size water bottles for your travel from NYC to Lake Placid
*Optional: Phone charging power bank
Cellphone Service at the park is very bad (some places no service at all)
We will have wifi at cafes and hotel.
Verizon works best in the mountain area, but still many zones have service blackout.

We speak English and Russian fluently.

In case of Weather - do we Cancel, Reschedule or Refund?

In case of Very Light Rain and good weather forecast for 3 days we do not cancel.
In case of Light Rain all day and Heavy Rain we cancel & reschedule location to hike or visit, there are many equally beautiful places to visit.
more than 24 hours cancelation policy  than we provide 50% refund.
less than 24 hours cancelation policy 
or being late due to personal reasons than we provide 0% (No Refund) of refund.
By making your purchase on our website you 
assume all the risks
and agree to our strict cancelation policy and agree to all the provided terms and conditions without exception.



Gene Keys & Human Design educator
Digital Marketing & PR


Private tours in NYC &
Instagram Influencer


Meditation & Hiking Facilitator
Unique Experiences Production


Sound Healing Therapy
with Tibetan Singing Bowls


Digital Media & Logistics Support



Why travel to nature with us?

Synergy Life is a community of like minded health conscious people, traveling together to create a meaningful and personal transformation experience by sharing inner resourcefulness and wisdom.

Nature has always been considered one of the most balanced creations on earth. Staying in nature and spending time by your self or in a group can recharge, restore and reset you in how you feel, think, and act.

We welcome you to join our therapeutic relaxation and zen program while hiking trails that are beginners friendly with like minded people in Nature.

Meditating in Nature



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