SATURDAY, AUGUST 22nd, @ 10:00am-8:00pm


@ Fire Island National Seashore & Sunken Forest

Lunch at the Beach, Sound Healing Session, Ocean & Water Rituals

Why to travel with us to the nature?

Nature has always been considered one of the most balanced creations on earth.
Staying in nature and spending time by your self or in a group of like minded people
can recharge, restore and reset you in how you feel, think, and act.
As a result, your being does affect and makes a healthy impact on everyone around you.

We welcome you to join our therapeutic relaxation and zen program
while hiking trails that are beginners friendly with like minded people in Nature.

On this Hike You will:

- ride on a Ferry boat across beautiful bay

- visit picturesque Sunken Forest
- walk the hidden park boardwalk surrounded by magical ancient trees

- sunbath on the beach

- create your mandala on sand
- have a lunch on the beach with Atlantic Ocean view

and more...


When you come to our trail hikes
you will have an opportunity enjoy the nature and fresh air,
have lunch with an instagramable view and network
with skilled professionals in their own niche.

Our clients are usually entrepreneurs, bloggers,
energy practitioners, photographers, sound healers, experts in personal growth,
yoga & meditation teachers, psychologists, artists, aromatherapy specialists, etc.

We are always happy to see our community to strive and grow.
You will never feel alone or as if you will not fit in.
Let's live, grow and have fun together in Nature!



Sound Therapy 
group session of sound healing
experience with Tibetan singing bowls.

Lunch on the beach
Take some food and enjoy it while watching the waves.


Media Kit
video and photo shooting by our professional photographer


Meet with forest residents
On Fire Island we might encounter dears, foxes, parrots, etc.


Relax on the Beach
Fire Island is very famous for its beautiful beaches, so we will spend some time there. 


OPTION A (I need a Ride/Transfer)

Hiking & Wellness Experience + Transport

60 minutes Sound Healing with Singing Bowls
@ Fire Island

We meet at Sayville Ferry Service point at 9:45am,
Ferry Departure at 10:25am

I need *Transportation* to & from the park
*We rent a mini van & arrange pickup points on the way
and do not offer pickups from your homes.

(30$ OFF Early Bird Discount)

$100 Program Fee
$50 Transfer Round Trip
$20 Public Ferry Fee Round Trip

Total $170 

OPTION B (I have my car)

Hiking & Wellness Experience

60 minutes Sound Healing with Singing Bowls
@ Fire Island

We meet at Sayville Ferry Service point at 9:45am,
Ferry Departure at 10:25am. Parking is 5-10 min away.

I do not need Transportation, I promise I will arrive on time
Please Note* - there is no cell phone service on parking lot
meetup point will be discussed after payment.

(30$ OFF Early Bird Discount)

$100 Program Fee
$20 Public Ferry Fee Round Trip
*You will pay $16 parking fee

Total $120

in nature of New York State


Get dressed in layers accordingly to the weather forecast in Minnewaska Park.
Wear hiking shoes or sneakers or sneakers with a good grip.

What to bring?
Yoga Mat (ground may be wet)
Sunscreen Spray or Cream + Rain Poncho (umbrellas may be difficult to use between bushes)
Backpack (to pack extra clothing layers, carry food and water)
Your own food (1-2 meals + snacks), our adventure will take 5-7 hours
3-5 small Poland Spring Size water bottles, each way is about 2 hours hike.
*Optional: Phone charging power bank
Cellphone Service at the park is very bad (some places no service at all)

We speak English and Russian fluently.

In case of Weather - do we Cancel, Reschedule or Refund?

In case of Very Light Rain and good weather forecast we do not cancel.
In case of Light Rain all day and Heavy Rain we cancel & reschedule 12 - 24 hours b4 hiking starts or provide 100% refund.
If you miss your paid trip due to unforeseen or personal reasons or being late than we provide 50% refund.




Gene Keys & Human Design educator
Digital Marketing & PR


Private NYC Tours &
Social Media Management


Meditation Facilitator
Unique Experiences Production


Sound Healing Therapy
with Tibetan Singing Bowls


Digital Media & Logistics Support

Meditating in Nature



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