Can my Aura change after yoga, a day in spa or massage session?

#Aura of a human is made out of electromagnetic field generated by the chemicals inside of our body (vitamins, nutrients, muscles and organs tissues, hormones, bones, and etc). This field is constantly bombarded from the outside and it creates a resonance with the energy field of the environment that is surrounding us. Depending of level of electromagnetism we become more or less attracted to certain things, colors, events and even circumstances that can be beyond of our understanding how we could even get into that situation. It is all governed by our chemicals inside of the body. Our Brain is responsible for all the chemical activities that we get involved into. This is a very Deep thought. It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to fully change your aura, or in other words to fully replace the chemical structure in our body with a regular lifestyle work-home routine. But if you are taking yoga, dance, spa, massage, art sessions – these activities speed things up to and allow your aura to shift within 2 weeks due to Chemical Shift. Each activity that we perform effects our hormonal balance, nutrients release and its processing and release in our out of our body. All activities have different impacts on our body and we would like to take a look at some of them separately. MY AURA AFTER #YOGA Yoga is bringing you back to the moment, your body is getting more oxygen and release toxins, relaxes your nervous system and assists with organs #detox. After consistent Yoga classes your color become more solid and even. You will have more of #OrangeAura and #GreenAura Color – which means that you will be attracting more experiences where you indulge into something, enjoying the renovation and new discoveries, feeling more courageous and assertive.

MY AURA AFTER #DANCE When we dance we release a lot of hormones that heal our body. It also improves spatial awareness, as well as raising the heart rate and causing a release of feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream. One more benefit is that it helps reduce levels of cortisol – a stress hormone. In such state we start processing the suppressed sexual or creative energy, we become emotionally more fluid, natural, confident, enjoy ourselves more and inviting Orange and #PinkAura (the energy of being loved by others) into our life.

MY AURA AFTER #SPA Visiting Spa can have a different impact, since some procedures are only affecting certain part of the body (like facials for example) and some affect all systems of your body (like sauna for example). But overall spa sessions usually relax our body, rejuvenate it, make us feel lighter and refreshed. Our aura will be filled with more of #GreenAura, #GoldenAura and #TurquoiseAura color. Such vibration will naturally attract events in our life where we will be busy working on our business goals, finishing things we didn’t have energy to complete, network and go out.

MY AURA AFTER #MASSAGE Massage sessions, similar to Yoga classes has a great impact on our chemical structure of the body. It helps to release chemicals, relax spasms which are basically blockages for the energy to flow in the body. The more energy can flow thru you the more you can accomplish. Usually after massage sessions people will have very multicolored aura similar to a #RainbowAura, due to many systems being activated and engaged at all times. It is helping more energy flow, colors becoming brighter and more clean and solid. People start attracting events in their life where they are helping others a lot, while there life is a roller-coaster as well. Can feel like a burden but it also means going from point A level of life into Point B at a high speed, which means you will be in a very different place in your life much faster than everyone else.

MY AURA AFTER #ARTCLASS Mental and Creative work has a very good impact on our body. Art classes balance brain hemispheres and the hormones release into our systems to operate the body in a #Zen Mode. Artistic people quite often are emotional individuals who naturally drawn to creative activities because they can release their emotions there or sooth them so that they do not create stimulation to overheated nervous system. Such individuals will have more of Blue and Purple Aura, where they are constantly are engaging their imagination, dream like states, set goals that have no idea how to achieve and are constantly in a state of adventure. With such auric colors you are more prone to attract people with no imagination being active who are looking for manuals and instructions to feel like they are progressing, which makes you an organic leader at the same time and a wise guide or a teacher.

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