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Aura Photography Experience in New York for Private Events, VIP events, Product Launch

Updated: Sep 22, 2019


We can bring Aura Photography activation to your event. Just visit our page It will be very unique and awesome activity that will create a very mystic ambiance but at the same time unforgettable and very engaging experience for everyone to enjoy. We can fully customize the Experience and Marketing Materials for your event.

Share your vision 

We do events locally and internationally for more than 7 years in NYC, Miami, Los-Angeles, San-Francisco, Toronto Canada, Tulum Mexico,London, Dubai, Hong-Kong, Moscow and more..

Our Aura Photography Experience is an awesome fit for Private event, VIP Event, Birthday Party, Magazines Interviews, TV Show,Group Dynamics, Bazaars, Unique Locations, Marketing Agency, Food Markets, Corporate Party, Brand Activation, Wedding, Expos, Event Planners, Production Companies, Festivals, Blogger Event, Influencers Event, Hotels, Fairs, Fashion Week, Museums, Art Exhibitions, Product Launch, Brand Promotion, and more.

There is no Big or Small event. Your event is special for you. 

We will do our best to make it happen.

You can now request your Custom Quote here:

Hire us for your unique upcoming event. Share with us what you have in mind. Please fill out the quote form below. Event rates start from $450 per hour We can generate 15-25 sessions per hour *it all depends on level of customization

Let's Connect! Get on our email list for the upcoming events and pop-ups in your city/area: Follow #AuraPortal on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook: Check out our YouTube channel latest video: Visit our #AuraColorsLibrary here Hashtags:

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