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Human field & Organs function measurement done within minutes.

We offer an Integral approach of testing and measuring physical, emotional and energetic  states of the body with a GDV Camera by Bio-Well.

Bio-Well is a unique device based on gas discharge visualization (GDV) technology for rapid assessment of the energy state and stress level of the body.

Konstantin Korotkov
founder of Bio-Well, Doctor of Technical Sciences

In humans, the highest concentration of capillaries in the entire body is present in the pads of the fingers.

In accordance with many clinical studies, the state of blood vessels and nerve endings at the fingertips is in a certain way connected with the state of organs and systems in our body.

On each finger there are points associated with certain organs and systems, the state of which can be assessed thanks to gas discharge visualization.

Based on the diagram from the obtained images, a quantitative assessment of the state of organs and systems is performed.


A man places his fingertips on a transparent screen of the GDV Bio-Well device.



Inside of the camera chamber a very short discharge of photons is sent into a transparent conductive coating, that coating has been deposited onto the surface of quartz electrode of the device - area on which you put in your fingers, in order to capture the released photons from your hands.

The resulting glow - photoelectron emission bounces with the surface of the finger, what leads to the formation of a gas discharge.



The glow of a gas discharge is recorded by a camera installed in the GDV device, operating in the visible range of light.

Then, the obtained data are processed using the Bio-Well software.




Bio-Well specialist analyzes the results, conducts a planned survey and gives advice and recommendations on the restoration and harmonization of processes in the body and energy.

You get a full report and a unique music file generated for your current state to balance all body systems.


Each Initial Session with full assessment takes takes approx. 1,5 - 2 hours
Every Following Session approx. 1 hour 


Why do we take pictures of your fingertips only?


The fact is that a person in the pads of the fingers has the highest concentration of capillaries in the whole body.

In accordance with traditional Chinese medicine, as well as many clinical studies conducted in Russia and abroad since 1996, the state of blood vessels and nerve endings at the fingertips is in a certain way connected with the state of organs and systems in our body.

On each finger there are points associated with certain organs and systems, the state of which can be assessed thanks to gas discharge visualization (GDV).

Based on the diagram of the obtained images, originally proposed by professor K.G. Korotkov, and then over the next years (by 2013 GDV technology turned 16 years old) it was updated by doctors and researchers around the world, a quantitative assessment of the state of organs and systems is performed. 

The GDV method is quite accurate and in the case of the diagnosis of certain diseases and dysfunctions reaches an accuracy of 90%. GDV equipment is used in many medical and research institutions around the world.

What you will learn about your self?

*This is not Picture of the Aura, but a glow of the Energy released thru Meridians


GDV Energy Field Program

The program that most subtly reflects the physical, emotional and, in some cases, the spiritual state of a person.

The glow around the model of the human body is a computer projection of the finger sectors, simplifying visual analysis.
Area - the sum of the pixels of the respective sectors, multiplied by a factor; functional activity of all organs in projection; can also be interpreted as the energy potential of the body.

This test reflects a measure of harmony and balance - from the ideal state, when a person can cope with stress and problems on his own, intermediate, when it is necessary to take measures, rest in order to recover, to a depleted state. According to the diagram, you can relatively see what actions are worth taking to cope with stress and problems, you need external help - therapeutic or medication, food, water or rest to restore energy resources.

This test is ideal for checking the state before and after certain procedures, meditations, yoga, listening to music or any other changes, you can quickly see the general physical condition before and after, as well as the emotional reaction.



GDV Virtual Chakras Program is designed based on psychosomatic approach, the relationship of the functional state of organs with the psychological state.

According to Eastern metaphysical theories and principles of Ayurvedic Indian medicine, there are seven “centers” or energy centers that are believed to affect physical and, to a greater extent, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. These energy “discs” are located along the spine.

Each chakra is associated with a different hormonal glands in our systems of the body.
It is believed that each chakra resonates at different frequencies.
With Bio-Well software, it is possible to quantify the level of activity and graphically provide their level of activation.

The most important thing to evaluate is the location of the chakras. Ideally, they should be aligned on land - the center line of the spinal cord. Deviation to the right is associated with introversion or internal processes, to the left with extroversion or external processes.

After the test is completed, the program generates a special melody created from Himalayan musical instruments.



Everywhere and in everything there are two opposite principles. Yin-Yang is an extremely opposite state of the same, two extremes that are present in various interrelated events and phenomena.

For example: light and darkness, hot - cold, high - low, active - passive. Their interaction and alternation provide the processes of occurrence and change of any phenomenon. Yin gives birth to Yang, Yang gives birth to Yin. Yang - everything active, external, rising upward, warm and hot, bright, capable; yin - everything is inert, internal, descending, cold and frozen, dark, relaxed.

In a stable state, harmony must be maintained between Yin and Yang, i.e. Yin and Yang resonate and harmonize with the universe.


Meridians are the channels of the Qi rivers, these are the channels or paths along which it circulates.

You will see how energy flows along your 12 meridians, where it gets stuck or vice versa leaks too quickly, creating hypers or hippo-activity in the organs and systems of the body.



Balance levels are shown in the report in round chart format.

Reflects the distribution of energy parameters among organs and systems of the body, based on the area of ​​the glow.


The area diagram is intended to assess the energy state of organs and systems of the body in comparison with the value of the area of ​​the calibration cylinder.

The optimal level of energy corresponds to the green zone, the inner circles - energy deficit, the outer circles - energy surplus.

On the pie charts for the left and right hands there are areas of different colors:
Pink is a very low functional activity.
Orange - low functional activity.
Green - normal functional activity.
Light yellow - increased functional activity.
Yellow - high functional activity.


The numbers below the charts indicate the levels of harmonious function of the cerebral hemispheres and the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems


энерго резерв.JPG

The energy reserve in cells and organs helps to realize how much more your organs and systems are able to work in a state of imbalance (compensation due to a deficit in other systems and organs).

Those areas where the reserve has been used up will manifest as bodily symptoms.



Through the comparative table of your photographed finger glows, you can clearly see the noise level in the meridians, which is a manifestation of slagging and overloading of organs or entire systems.


энергетический баланс всех систем.JPG

Through a report of all body systems, you can gain a deeper understanding of how your emotional state and nervous system supports optimal functionality.

Shaded columns - normal state of equilibrium, lack of imbalance.

Bright bars - unbalanced state; significant difference (more than 20%) in energy between sectors of the left and right hands.




Market Analysis


The doctors could not give me a specific answer, which causes me a lack of strength and energy. After months of running to the doctors, I still did not have a clear answer. Having learned that our body has a biomagnetic field, I decided to see where my energy is blocked and does not flow. In the end, it causes symptoms in the body. After several inquiries via Google - what state my energy is in, I came across Synergy Life and became very interested in the process itself. I am a great skeptic, but the availability of facts and a large volume of articles on the topic of GDV can mitigate my wariness. I do not know how else to thank you for the fact that fate brought us together! Thanks to your analysis through the BIO-Well system, I found that the root of my symptoms was in my thyroid gland. I was able to clearly see what exactly my thoughts and feelings are doing with my body.
Now I have a clear plan on how to balance my internal processes. Many thanks!

Artemiy, 36, Event Photographer
Personal Case why he came to us:
No Energy and Motivation, doctors say my blood work is fine

Woman Writer

I was advised to go through the Bio-Well session by our mutual friend who was at your Retreat in Pocono.
There they made this session and she was delighted! I’ve been trying to balance my body for a long time - about 6 years ago I gave birth to a daughter and for the time being I couldn’t live a day without meat products. But since then, my body began to fall apart - my hair became dry and thin and fall, constant colds, food is not digested and excess weight is accumulated, although I work out in the gym every week. In my youth I was always slender and looked very healthy. Therefore, such a reaction to the birth of a child almost reduced me to depression. After a full analysis, I saw that trying to recover from childbirth, my body needed a lot of nutritious foods in the form of a strong appetite, which I drowned out with sweets and meat - as this gave me more time not to think about food. In the end, my intestines simply burned out from the constant oxidative process and began to clog up with slag from undigested food - hence the excess weight, because all the useful substances were not absorbed and burned - hence weakened immunity.
After going through the detox program for 3 months, which I was recommended by the guys from Synergy Life, I had a feeling of tightness, I don’t want to eat desserts every day, but I lost my appetite for more products, I got rid of 16 pounds (7 kg) of excess weight, me I stopped worrying my stomach and my mood became smooth and without changes. My advice to the reader of my review - We are what we eat.

Gulmira, 42, Attorney
Personal case why she came to us:
Permanent cold & fever, increased acidity in the stomach and overweight, craving sweets


120 Minutes

You will get a clear understanding of what is currently happening to your physical body, emotions & energy and get advisory instructions of how to restore total balance in case something is off.

Comes with Bio-Core energy balancing treatment. 




60  Minutes

It is a great way to keep track of your transformation since you can take measurements of your states after your recovery course and advised protocols.

Comes with Bio-Co
re energy treatment.



Initial & Two Follow Ups

Best way to keep a close eye and track all the benefits and affects that your body may be experiencing during the period of recovery and restoration. 

Comes with Bio-Core energy balancing treatment.


* Only after payment we will set the time and day of your consultation.
** Cancellation of your reservation at least 24 hours before the consultation is allowed only once.
*** Skipping each consultation for any accidental or non-random reasons is not subject to credit/refund.

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